Binnie A. Dansby


SOURCE Warm Water Breathwork is a healing process designed to facilitate an expanded experience of

safety and support at all levels of Being. Each of us co-created our bodies in water, wholly supported

by another. This process provides the setting, both physical and energetic, for deepening into a

profound ‘creation’ state within which conscious release and transformation can take place. It is a

sacred space for everyone. It is an opportunity for the One receiving a session to welcome him or

herself into a safe and supportive world and to be welcomed with genuine love and support and

attention. For those supporting the session it is a chance to increase awareness, learn to listen in new

ways, and to learn that giving and receiving are the same.


This is a Whole Process that began when you signed up or decided to come. The small group meeting,

the time in the tub (supporting and being supported), integration on the couch, the massage, time

with your buddy and other participants, and the sharing meetings are all parts of the SOURCE Warm

Water Breathwork session. No one part is less important than any other part. I invite you to hold the

vision of the healing of fear, separation, danger, and change. Each of us participating in this event

can have a heightened experience of safety, support, innocence, connection, and co-operation!


The most appropriate affirmations for a SWWB session are:

My body is safe, no matter how I am feeling! (written or spoken to yourself)

Your body is safe, no matter how you are feeling! (to another person)

It is safe for me to let go and receive the support that is here for me now!

It is safe to let go and receive the support that is here for you now!

I am surrounded by love and support! I’m here to stay! The entire physical universe is here to

support me!

You are surrounded by love and support. I’m here for you! The entire physical universe is here

to support you!



1. In the small group meeting prior to going into the water you will be reminded to shower,

shampoo your hair (do no apply lotions or crème rinse), and brush your teeth before supporting

or receiving a session. The senses are heightened in this environment and all strong aromas can

be intrusive. You will also choose a buddy. Your buddy will receive you when you are lifted

out of the tub and STAY with you as you integrate and complete.

2. The group leader and their support in the small group decide together who will be in charge of

each session. The one in charge then chooses who will support the session, as they have the

experience to know who and what is appropriate for the one receiving a session. If you have

preferences, please, make requests, And it is safe to trust ‘experience’.

3. At least 4 people and no more than 6 people must support each person who is receiving a

session in the water. When there are spontaneous sessions to take care of, Listen and respond

appropriately. Support outside the tub is responsible for sending people to care for the person.

4. When it is your turn to receive, make sure that your buddy knows where your towels are so that

she or he can make the couch ready for you at the appropriate time.

5. There is no more important session in the tub than the one you are with. Please, keep your

attention on how you are feeling in your body and on the one you are supporting.

6. Please, do not have a discussion with another person in your group during a session. The one

who is in charge will communicate what he or she wants gently and quietly and, sometimes,

telepathically. LISTEN!



1. The water part of the session is 45 minutes to 1 hour breathing in the water. There is a clock

on the wall to gauge this and the one in charge of the session or support outside the tub will

take responsibility for this timing, LISTEN AND WATCH. Take responsibility for listening and

making this transition as loving and gentle for the one receiving as possible. EVERYONE centre


2. The buddy of the person who is receiving the session is the one who will greet them on the

outside. Others outside the tub are welcome, as well. One person take responsibility for

receiving the persons head so it gentle and safely comes to rest on the couch. Before lifting, all

eyes are on the person in charge of the session and that person will indicate to you the moment

to lift. This can be done in silence. It may be necessary to re-arrange people when lifting

heavier people, strongest ones in the middle of the body. This could be within the group or

additional lifting help may be used from other groups or from outside the tub. Lift in unison,

and with your legs.

3. Make sure that the person being lifted is wrapped and warm immediately with a towel around

the head and the whole body covered. This is a transition, however, NOT an emergency.

4. Encourage the one receiving to continue to connect the breath and integrate the session with

as little conversation as possible. THE PERSON INTEGRATING ON THE COUCH MUST HAVE A

COMPANION ALL OF THE TIME during this cycle.

5. This is a time of integration, FOR THE ONE WHO HAS HAD A SESSION, so please allow them the

space for it. Please limit words, touching and other forms of contact.



1. Your buddy and 1 other person from the small group give the massage. This is a completion

process for everyone.

2. The massage takes place just after the couch integration without breaks (except toilet). If your

group is doing 2 sessions in a row and people are limited the massage may occur after this

second session. The massage is intended to be a “loving touch” massage and not deep tissue

release work. Be present to what a new born would want. The massage is intended to be about

20 minutes long.

3. After the massage is a good time for training participants to write a report, while the session is

fresh in mind and body. Writing about a deep experience can support and facilitate the

integration of transformation. It is highly recommended for everyone.



This room is a temple. It is a room for conscious, peaceful, ecstatic birth; a room for co-creation and

transformation. Be aware that in every moment Spirit is being born. Please, remember and adopt a

mood of quiet respect and reverence for the process that everyone is moving through individually and

together. Move slowly, conscious of sound and touch. Respect the environment and take responsibility

for keeping order and cleanliness. This task requires the cooperation of all of us.

1. Entry and exit from the pool is via the ladder ONLY. Do not attempt to go over the side.

2. Take your towels and other items with you when you leave the tub room.

3. Be on time for sessions and take responsibility for knowing your group’s next time to enter the tub

before you depart from a session or meeting.

4. Typically, each group will be doing 2 sessions, one immediately following the other. After

completing the first session reassemble with your group, with the exception of the buddy of the

one on the couch, and begin the second session. There are occasions when you may be asked to

help lift someone from the pool…including someone in a group different from yours. If you are

able, please support this request and help out.

5. Refer to the leaders in the small group for times to break and to meet.

6. When the ones in charge in the tub room give directions, please, listen and follow. They are

committed to everyone’s success, and they know how to facilitate order in the tub room. Many

people will receive a session and there is a rhythm to everything working well and staying on

track. You are invited to become part of this rhythm.


SOURCE Process and Breathwork – Binnie A. Dansby