Holotropic Breathwork Retreat in Estonia

9 -12th May 2024 in Estonia
Led by Sonia Telle
Holotropic Breathwork is among the deepest and most profoundly comprehensive work of the spirit offered today.” Jack Kornfield

Anyone who has a curious mind and would like a safe space to dive into the depths of the psyche – Holotropic Breathwork sessions.


  • Connect with your body, soul and heart
  • Be more connected with your vitality and response to life in general
  • Increase your creativity
  • Release and reduce your stress
  • Access and integrate past emotions and wounds (clear the old!)
  • Gain insight about past and present issues
  • Deepen your spiritual practice
  • use this work as an adjunct of your work in psychotherapy
  • or, if you just need to RENEW and REJUVENATE

Holotropic Breathwork is a highly experiential work recommended for those interested in their personal and spiritual growth through deep inner exploration. Stan’s Grof basic concept is that the wisdom of our ’inner healer’ will direct us and bring to our consciousness what is best and most healing for us at any given moment.
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This 3-nights retreat consists of Holotropic Breathwork sessions with music, focused bodywork, Mandala drawing as well as group sharing. Algallika Center is an ideal setting to access deep self exploration in a safe environment and enjoy the integration of the experience in the Algallika juniper track by the sea in Matsalu National Park

Sonia Telle, M.A from CIIS, is a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist and Holotropic/ Grof Breatwork facilitator. She has worked closely with Stan Grof for over 2 decades in the US and Europe and translated some of his books. She has a passion to work with expanded states of consciousness to eepen and support the therapeutic process of her clients or for those in a quest of self-discovery.
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  • THURSDAY 9th May (5pm-8pm): Meditation and opening circle + Introduction to the theory and practice of Holotropic Breathwork. We will give an overview of Stanislav Grof’s life and his map of consciousness based on his work with psychedelic therapies. We’ll also introduce the various elements of Holotropic Breathwork (breath, inner healer, the role of the breather, the role of the sitter, the bodywork as well as the music and mandala drawing).
  • FRYDAY and SATURDAY 10th and 11th May (all day): 4 Holotropic Breathwork sessions where each person will breathe and sit once.
  • SUNDAY 12th  (10am-1pm aprox.) Sharing circle + Practices of integration + Talk on the importance of integration following the work with NOSC (Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness) + Lunch (around 1pm).

WHERE:  Algallika center is  located in unspoiled nature by sea in West Estonia, the center  is created for this kind of spiritual development courses, where after deep introspection you can go for a walk by the sea or along the juniper trail, enjoy a sauna and a bonfire. Algallika is 2 hours away from Tallinn center. How to reach...
WHEN: 9 – 12th May, 2024
Begins on Thursday at 5pm, and ends Sunday at 1pm.

Will depend on the lodging of your choice and the date of payment.
You can receive a
50 eur discount if you register and pay before Aprill 1st.

Participation fee: 300€ before 1.04.2024. After 1.04.2024 fee: 350€.

Food and accommodation fees are added to the course participation fee.

Food during workshop:  98€ (delicious vegetarian food: Thursday – dinner; Friday and Saturday – breakfast, lunch and dinner; Sunday – breakfast and lunch)

Accommodation for workshop period (3 nights) costs:
one place in  2 person rooms: 77 € (3 nights)
one place in  3 person rooms: 66 € (3 nights)
one place in  4 person rooms: 55 € (3 nights)

Registration is ended. If you want to be in waitlist, please send e-mail to tiia@voog.ee

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2. Fill out the 2 registration forms (will be sent to you via email) and return them.
Phone conversation is needed with Sonia Telle if it is the first time you are coming to one of  her  workshops (ph. 415 651 1067, WhatsApp +15103953824

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